Designing and Renovating Bedrooms with Children in Mind

Designing and Renovating Bedrooms with Children in Mind

Kids' rooms can be magical places and should be an exciting project for parents to take on! From inspiring decorating ideas to unique touches, the style you choose for your nursery, baby room, or even a cool teen room should be bold, courageous, and fun - but where to begin (if you need some ideas to get your brain juices flowing, we have some here!)??

How to Design a Child's Bedroom that Grows with Them 

More than a third of our clients that begin designing with us are either pregnant or have newborns. It's a very exciting time and our designers love to help! The interior design approach for young children’s bedrooms is unique because of the quickly changing requirements for these spaces. Infant furniture and window treatments can easily change to accommodate a toddler’s needs and again a few years later for a new stimulation and study space for a pre-teen, but what else makes a bedroom magical? 

Here are 5 bedrooms ideas for your nursery, baby room, or teen room:

1. New Homeowners, New Parents, New SpaceAccent Wall in Baby Nursery

When Diane, Bellweather’s Selection Coordinator, announced she was expecting a little one we were all so excited for her! We couldn’t wait to see her start the design process and prepare the room for her baby. Diane is a first-time parent, and recently purchased a new home with her husband but her house did not yet have a nursery space. She did have an office and decided to undertake a baby's bedroom conversion. This entailed converting the office into a nursery and making the guest room into a combined guest room and office space.  

When trying to select a style or theme for a nursery or bedroom, we are huge advocates of online resources for inspiration. The content there can spark interest for almost any style. Diane mentioned, “When I found out I was having a boy, I went straight to Pinterest and Instagram to gather all the baby boy nursery inspiration I could find.” She was nervous about committing to a certain theme, worrying if the toddler would like the space in years to come. In the end, Diane went with a neutral color palette to promote calmness and relaxation but she still wanted to have some sort of “pop” in this baby nursery conversion.  

As you can see above, Diane opted for an accent wall and went with the paint color “Archipelago” by Sherwin Williams. To create warmth in the nursery, Diane selected natural colored wood as decor throughout. Needless to say, the nursery became Diane's favorite room in her new house.

2. New Parents Welcome Toddler with Playhouse 

Toddler Playhouse - Basement Playroom

With many Philadelphia homes, there comes a time where growing families start to run out of space, especially when a new child comes along. These amazing clients came to us to design and finish a 700 square-foot basement. The idea for this newly finished basement was to create a space for their child to play without taking over the whole house. 

Bellweather’s Design Build team was able to get creative by building a custom playhouse in this children’s basement conversion. Using the kid's clubhouse as the central feature, we added a kid's indoor climbing wall, rope swing, and plenty of toy storage to complete this basement playroom. This fun and activity-filled basement keep their daughter and friends occupied for hours upon end!

3. Parents Sacrifice Master Suite 

Custom Built-In Kids Shelf

Do you think your house would benefit from moving things around a little? Specifically, to reconfigure floorplans to accommodate for new rooms? During this project, we needed to add a children’s bedroom to the second floor. Our challenge was that the area of the existing floorplan was limited.

The Bellweather Design-Build team worked closely with the clients to redesign the floorplan into a more functional second floor. We converted the existing master bathroom into a hall bath and created a new bedroom for the toddler.

When renovating it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all the old! Stephanie, Bellweather’s Lead Designer, decided it would be a great idea to keep and reuse the existing built-ins from the original master closet. With these gorgeous built-ins, we were able to create kid-friendly storage in the newly designed kid's room. Re-use of cabinetry or other built-in furniture is one of the most rewarding things to incorporate into our designs, especially when they have so much character - and they're free

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4. Preteen Loft GetawaySports Loft Bedroom - Sports Bedroom

This special request for a sports-themed bedroom was one of our favorite projects to design and construct. This Narberth, PA family wanted to make their ten-year-olds bedroom his favorite room of the house! The original bedroom was too small for a growing boy who needed more space and storage for all of his trophiesThe trouble was that the bedroom was tight with barely enough room to walk around the bed. Our solution? If you can't build out, then go up!

Bellweather’s Design-Build team worked with the family to design a baseball-themed room and more importantly reconfigured the geometry of the spaceTo add square footage we broke through the existing 8-foot ceiling into the unused attic space to create a vaulted ceiling above the child's bedroom. The resulting lofted room suddenly felt dramatic and open instead of cramped.

Bellweather’s team replaced some of the necessary structures with cedar collar ties to provide the necessary structurere-framed the attic enclosure to accommodate his new lofted bed, and finished the safety rail using mini-baseball bats and stadium rope.

The lofted room seems much bigger than the original footprint with very little effort. Check out more pictures of this project here!Girls Bedroom - Young Kids Bedroom

5. Growing Family = Growing House

Similar to the stories above, additional space was our client's central priority for this project. The amazing part about the Bellweather Design-Build team (and working with a design build firm in general) is that from the early design concept we all collaborate and work closely with the homeowner. This ensures that both the design as well as construction teams are focused on solutions that are aligned with our client's top goals. Consistent communication and plenty of questions ensure that the entire project goes smoothly

In this three-story addition, we not only added a kid’s bedroom but also a guest room/office combination. By adding an expanded children’s bedroom, we were able to create more space for their very happy daughter - making sure to deliver some of that magic! 

Interested in more stories? Check out our design build projects here!  

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