9 Ideas for Unused Basement Space [Plus a Pool!]

9 Ideas for Unused Basement Space [Plus a Pool!]

Almost anyone who has a basement could be using it more effectively. Whether your basement is unfinished or does not meet your needs anymore, now is a great time to put that extra space to use.

The square footage of your basement may often be smaller than the rest of the house, but you might be surprised by how much you will enjoy it with the right design and renovation teams.Try out these nine ideas for a basement remodel in Philadelphia, to improve your storage, sleep, or entertainment options!

1. Home Gym

Who needs to hit the gym when you have everything you need at home? Dedicate a room in your basement to your favorite workouts. Start with insulation and paneling that blocks sound, so you can deadlift, jump rope, or play music without causing a racket to others in the home. There are several features to consider for a home gym:  

  • Durable flooring that is easy to maintain
  • Space for larger pieces of exercise equipment
  • Racks for free weights
  • Sound systems and television

You can enjoy a workout before you start your day or wind down after work, all without leaving your house. 

2. Wine Cellar

Below ground is one of the best places to keep wine, making a cellar a fantastic option for the wine aficionado. A regular temperature makes it much easier to ensure that every vintage remains in excellent condition until you are ready to drink it. Unlike your grandparents’ dark, dusty wine cellar, you can have state-of-the-art wine storage with perfect precision, designed to fit your needs.  Enjoy zoned temperature regulation that is catered to the types of wine you prefer to buy and drink. Add a chilling station so that each bottle is ready for serving at the ideal time. You can even set up seating for a tasting. 

3. Food Storage

You may need a way to keep your produce in the best condition if you love to visit the farmer’s markets or enjoy the fruits of your rooftop garden. Many homeowners use the basement for long-term food storage. The constant temperature is ideal for keeping root vegetables, squash, and other long-lasting produce items ready to eat months after harvesting. A specially-designed cold room allows you to enjoy heat in the rest of the basement without worrying that your investment will spoil. Built-in shelving and racks keep your stock in perfect order.

4. Home Office

If 2020 has proven anything, it is that the ability to work from home is vital to your success. A home office gives you the space you need to complete tasks, catch up on extra work, or run a business, all from the comfort of your own home. Start with a layout that takes advantage of every square foot and creates ample space and room to focus. Below are a handful of options to create the perfect home office: 

  • Recessed shelving for books, files or office equipment
  • Flooring that is both elegant and durable
  • Desks and seating that are practical and comfortable, even after hours of use
  • Closet space or cabinets for a seamless look

5. Game Room

Whether you have children who love to spend their time gaming or are a serious gamer yourself, you need the space to fully enjoy it! A dedicated game room allows you to separate your sleeping space from the games you like to play, with the added benefit of getting all the gaming consoles and equipment out of the living room. A large wall-mounted television with shelving for games and consoles keeps all the equipment off the floor. Add a billiard or card table for tabletop games, and you can stay busy all night. Larger pieces like air hockey or ping-pong tables would also go great in a basement game room.  

Game Room in Philly Area Basement

6. Wet Bar

Basements are the hot new entertaining space, so you may want to add all the fixtures to make it easy. This way- you don’t have to head back upstairs when you have a wet bar ready for serving appetizers and drinks. Consider these features:

  • Sink with hot and cold water
  • Refrigerator with ice maker
  • Small wine chiller
  • Stylish stone countertops
  • Cabinetry for preparation and serving tools

This design can take up very little space, giving you more room for entertainment or comfortable seating.

7. Master Suite Conversion

If you have an older home, you may find your current master bedroom uncomfortably small. To give yourself the room to spread out, you might think about a master suite conversion. An unfinished or outdated basement gives you a blank slate to design the space for your own relaxation. Feel free to use all of the room for a large sleeping area, walk-in closets, and a spa-like bathroom. This makes it easy to get the square footage you need for relaxation without having to build upward. You will also enjoy better privacy with a room that is entirely yours. 


8. Home Theater

There are precious few room designs that take advantage of a basement’s natural darkness, and a home theater is one of the best. Whether you love the latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or you are a student of film noir, creating the perfect space to watch is paramount. Start with a high-end projector and screen with built-in sound that leaves nothing on the floor. Add seating to your specifications, from theater-style loungers to large bean bags for the kids. Install a cabinet and countertop on one side for snack preparation, and you can have a wonderful evening.

9. Guest Suite

If you love to host friends or family members, you need a place for them to rest. Out-of-town guests can often create problems for comfort and privacy, especially in smaller homes. With a delightfully-appointed guest suite, you can host them like they are at a bed and breakfast. Allow plenty of space for a large bed and a reach-in closet with built-in organization. Add a full bathroom with a linen closet to store extra towels and consumables for your guests. For longer stays, consider installing a small kitchen. Your guests will thank you for the comfort, and you will appreciate the separate spaces.

Bonus Idea: A Built in Pool in Your Basement?

Basement renovation with endless pool installation and new stairwell with full bath

Not everyone has space for a pool, but just imagine how fun birthday parties could be and how short your winter would feel with this endless pool that we installed for a great client in one of our renovated basements!

The perfect basement remodel in Philadelphia gives you the room you need for all the extras in life, with great style and ideal organization. To discover how Bellweather Design-Build can make your basement dreams come true, contact us today! 

Written by Taylor Rennick and Will Giesey

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