Your All-Inclusive Destination for Kitchen Renovation in Philadelphia

Your All-Inclusive Destination for Kitchen Renovation in Philadelphia

In an urban area like Philadelphia, kitchen remodeling can be a challenge. There are many obstacles, from the quirky nature of our aging housing stock, to the complicated permitting process. Fortunately, homeowners can press the easy button for their renovation projects by working with a full-service remodeling firm like Bellweather Design-Build. 

An All-Inclusive Remodeling Experience

Some of our clients have described our approach as "turn-key" because of our supportive process, but we sometimes joke about our version of design-build as an "all-inclusive renovation experience". Working with an experienced design-build firm is a lot like booking a stay at an all-inclusive resort, versus staying at an Airbnb. The two may be located on the same island, but the vacation experiences will be dramatically different. 

The Single Contract Advantage

Just like a vacation planned by a travel agent at an all-inclusive resort, the design-build remodeling experience places all the amenities under a single contract for an established rate. Like your travel agent, a designer will work with you to customize the kitchen design to your unique needs. From the initial layouts to material selection, all the way through the conclusion of the construction project, the all-inclusive design-build experience is a seamless, streamlined process. 

Drawbacks of the Traditional 'Airbnb' Approach (aka Design-Bid-Build)

Similar to some intrepid travelers who enjoy planning their own vacations, some homeowners choose to be more hands-on in planning and managing their projects. They will work with a kitchen designer or architect separately to create their architectural drawings, then bid the work out to a general contractor or multiple trade contractors, and even purchase their own materials. 

In this Airbnb-style approach to remodeling, homeowners are left to figure out a lot of unfamiliar terrain on their own. For the adventurous of spirit, this can be an exciting prospect—until things start to go wrong. A few of the biggest pitfalls are material selection, ordering, and scheduling. Even the most experienced craftsmen experience missteps in this process. Without the professional know-how, relationships with trade partners, and sophisticated construction management tools, homeowners can easily order the wrong products, in the wrong quantities, or fail to ensure their timely delivery for installation. These types of mistakes are not only expensive to correct, they result in significant production delays. Many times, the end result for homeowners who elect to go this route is a project that fails to meet their expectations, that took longer to complete and at a similar cost to what a design-build firm would have charged. For more on a comparison of costs for different approaches read this blog.

Like Travel Insurance, Warranties Provide Peace of Mind

Another important benefit of the design-build process at Bellweather is a two-year, limited warranty. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship and work closely with clients to ensure their satisfaction with our work, well after the project has been completed.  Like a good travel agent, remodelers rely on word of mouth referrals to grow our business. When Philadelphia homeowners choose Bellweather Design Build for their kitchen remodel, they can rest assured that they are placing their home in the hands of professionals who will work tirelessly to ensure their satisfaction from the start to well after the project has been completed.

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