Bellweather Works Efficiently and Safely with A Matterport Camera

Bellweather Works Efficiently and Safely with A Matterport Camera

For 20 years, our team at Bellweather Design-Build has made our reputation by refining our systems and processes to work more efficiently and effectively. We know that a focus on constant improvement not only a benefits our team members, but also our clients' satisfaction.  This approach to system improvement is paying off, as the pandemic challenged us to look for new ways to ensure that our teams stayed connected with our clients and their homes. 

Upgrading Our Process to Dynamic 3D

As a small business, Bellweather Design-Build prioritizes a flexible approach to service solutions. One size does not fit all and we take pride in our ability to recognize and explore helpful technology that addresses the unique needs of our clients and improves their projects. 

“The construction industry is way behind most other industries when it comes to technology. We saw a great opportunity for us to get ahead of our competitors, especially during COVID,” says Emily DeMarco, Bellweather’s Marketing Coordinator.

Not only are our clients able to access the Matterport 3D scans, but our internal design-build team and trade partners use the files as well. With the 3D scans, our team is able to measure, plan, and budget without needing to be on site. This new process decreases wasteful travel time to sites and reduces the number of individuals coordinating meetings at our client's homes. This efficiency was even more important as we tried to do our part to work remotely while still providing outstanding service. COVID-19 numbers in the Philadelphia area spiked to new highs during the winter months but we were able to continue working.

DeMarco, the keeper of the Matterport 3D camera for Bellweather, finds the process easy to learn and teach to her coworkers. Shot with a team of 2, DeMarco follows a detailed procedure to scans a home, uploads it, and creates a shareable link for the team. With that link, multiple stakeholders on the team are immediately able to be "in" the house without being "at" the house. This technology when combined with video conferencing has been a game-changer, shaving dozens of hours and countless days from project timelines.

Protecting Staff and Clients during COVID-19

Bellweather recently started a whole-house renovation project in Ardmore on the Main Line. Because COVID-19 numbers in the Philadelphia area were high, we needed to find a socially distanced solution to protect our staff and clients while the project was developed. The limited ability to visit the jobsite regularly with various team members and contractors threatened our timeline and budget. Matterport solved the problem. 

Our team was able to visit the job before construction started to scan the space. This allowed our team and trade partners to access the site virtually at any time. We are now finishing up demolition, and before drywall we visited the site for another scan. This will allow our team, contractors, and vendors to see within the walls of the house, without physically being there.

“We have received outstanding feedback from everyone on our team that regularly access the Matterport 3D scans we take,” says DeMarco. She explained that her teams are able to plan and make decisions faster which allows for more accurate project completion dates and compressed timelines.

"Chris Heller, our estimator, is able to virtually move through the house with the Matterport files and have a more complete understanding of the scope and budget for electrical, plumbing and other areas without leaving the office" says DeMarco. This software has truly improved our processes and delivery at Bellweather.

Using Matterport in the Construction Industry

The 3D scans have become a part of Bellweather Design-Build's standard approach. By using the Matterport equipment, our design team is able to explore almost any site condition as often as needed. It also provides our construction team another way to communicate with clients and team members about plans for the given project. Weekly site meetings with clients don't always require being "on-site" anymore!

Are you interested in starting a conversation about remodeling during COVID-19? Bellweather Design-Build takes the precautions needed to ensure your safety while completing your project on time and on budget. Check out some of our previous projects and our favorite newest projects to get a better idea of what you want/we can do!

Reach out to us to learn more about our process!

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