10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

There's good reasons that people like to remodel their kitchens every 10 to 15 years. Kitchens have been steadily transitioning from a single user, task & storage function to become the most active and important family area in the house, a showpiece of the home and often one of the first places that guests congregate when they come to visit.Trends change slowly but steadily, which means that a room designed and built new in 2006 is going to feel quite different from one ready for 2022. Get ready for these new kitchen design trends that focus on modern use, but also built to last.

1. A More Family Focused Kitchen for your Home

For the majority of families, the 2022 kitchen is now the social focal point of the home. With these remodeling design trends, you get to acknowledge and celebrate that fact. In most cases, this means expanding on good space planning and increasing the opportunities for social interaction. Instead of trying to crowd appliances and storage into congested areas, you should consider where you can weave your living spaces in and out of the kitchen. You will still need adequate counter space for tasks like food preparation, but you can start thinking about designing more kitchen countertops and islands for non-food work surfaces like homework, light office use or by integrating low and comfortable seating options. The trend is to design more flexible spaces in order to invite more family time into the kitchen task areas.

2. Pastel and Playful Statement Colors

After years of all-white or off-white kitchens, colors are creeping back. Unlike the 1970's and 80's color statements, we think these trends are very tasteful and here to stay. With more expensive lines of semi-custom cabinetry, you can choose from unlimited custom colors. Currently, standard non-white options tend to be in grey, blue, or cream tones. Natural wood tones are still available but less common now. Wood colors vary with the combinations of species and stain finishes.

Four Level Graduate Hospital Rowhome

Homeowners are also applying accent colors to their appliances, countertops and tile designs. If you prefer to be more cautious, use color on something you can easily change over time. Bright accents for walls, lighting fixtures or a backsplash. Even a purple stove is less expensive to change later on than cabinetry!

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3. Metallic Styles

You are probably accustomed to using metallic colors stainless steel for your appliances and faucets. You can easily take it to the next level with a style that is both functional and fashion-forward. Pick an option that works with the rest of your color scheme and apply it to your range hood, backsplash and more.

Keep in mind that while shine and metal tend to go hand in hand, they may not be the latest trend in the years to come. Matte copper, brass and steel lend a slight shimmer, but will not take over the whole space.

4. Two-Toned

The Mid-century Modern style was all about contrast, and you will see that coming forcefully back into vogue. Feel free to go with the classic black-on-white. Otherwise, consider black or navy blue cabinetry that contrasts with a bronze fixtures and a white quartz countertop (as seen below). 

Transitional West Philadelphia KitchenTransitional Navy & Brass Kitchen Remodel in West Philadelphia

Black cabinetry is emerging as a strong style, especially if you balance it with lighter countertops and backsplashes. There is no need to worry about it appearing dated with smooth cabinet fronts and great lighting.

5. Garden Designs

Sustainability is a big focus for interior design at the moment, which often calls rooms literally to life. Hand-painted or custom floral designs on walls and cabinetry make your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind. If you would rather have something that you can change at will, consider bringing your garden into the kitchen. Innovations in vertical indoor gardening allow you to keep flowering houseplants or even an herb garden right where you are most likely to use it.

6. Industrial Looks

The idea of converting an exposed brick warehouse into an eating area is still fairly hot in commercial spaces. You can have it at home, too. Instead of sleek lines, look for rustic. The goal here is texture. You want something that is rough enough to feel even without touching it.

newly built kitchen with industrial features in philadelphiaLearn More About Kitchen Remodeling in Philadelphia 

Trade subway tiles for brick or custom ceramic tile backsplash. Add concrete, wood, or stainless steel countertops for a surface that is easy to work with and extremely durable.

7. Unexpected Islands

The kitchen island can be a boon or a bane, depending on how you design it. The biggest island trend coming up is utility. Kitchen island designs need to perform efficiently, and perhaps incorporate unique cabinetry performance and storage customization.

For example, many homeowners are splitting the dual duty of the kitchen island by creating two. This makes one for cleaning or cooking, with another that doubles as a kitchen table. If you want a really up-and-coming design, consider building the island as a table, legs and all.

8. Seamless Cabinetry

Historically cabinetry was more ornate, often to the point of excess. The trend of simplification continues toward smooth surfaces and a more seamless definition between cabinetry elements that are difficult to see from a distance. 

Graduate Hospital Kitchen AdditionSleek and Modern Kitchen in Graduate Hospital 

Plain cabinet fronts make it easier to choose colors that coordinate and contrast with your countertops and backsplash. Hidden pulls or touch-opening functions eliminate distracting handles and gaps for a clean, modern effect. This leaves your eyes free to enjoy the massing of casework and the more intentional design elements.

9. Built-In Appliances

The year 2022 is likely to push kitchens to extremes in appliance design. On one side, appliances in unique colors that are loud and proud. On the other, appliances that work seamlessly into the kitchen design with enhanced utility.

With the kitchen as the hub of the household, you may prefer a look that blends right into your design theme. You will find plenty of appliance options that coordinate with your cabinetry or even fit inside it. The result is clean lines with no interruptions. Cabinetry enclosed appliances take on whatever aesthetic you have designed in your cabinet selection. For real world inspiration, take a look at this transitional kitchen remodel in West Philly that makes use of both ample storage for their appliances. 

10. Hidden Lighting

Going along with the understated theme, hidden lighting is the next trend taking off in the kitchen. Miniaturization innovations in high intensity LED lighting means that you can have all the lighting you want without having to rely on bulky light fixtures or bulbs that made your kitchen feel like an overheated stadium. The reintroduction of dark accents into the kitchen calls for more lighting and arrangement that are adjustable, easy to operate and perfectly illuminate any task required. Under-cabinet lighting and recessed lighting give you the ability to see what you're doing, without letting the light fixture steal the show. 

Building the kitchen of your dreams should include a discussion of the latest trends. Some of these trends are high value and are here to stay, while others are on their way out. By considering these concepts in your design decisions, you open your mind to options that will help your kitchen stay current for years to come. At Bellweather Design-Build, we love to help homeowners understand and select the features to create a kitchen that meets their design expectations. To learn more, contact us today.

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