Stunning Graduate Hospital Kitchen Remodel

For some parents of young children, an all-white kitchen would be a bold, almost daring move. But Charlie Hall, the father of six and ten-year-old sons, has a relaxed attitude about it. “We’re through the potentially destructive phase…I’m more worried about my friends than [the kids],” he laughed. Charlie is the drummer of the Philadelphia rock band War on Drugs. He and his wife Anne have frequently hosted his band mates and crew for overnight stays. Their recent kitchen renovation, which is very

Cupola Restoration in Gloucester City, NJ

Gloucester City, NJ was one of the first settlements on the Delaware River. 50 years before Philadelphia was founded, it was originally named Fort Nassau, established in 1627 as a trading post on one of the busiest and best protected waterways of Colonial America. Early Dutch settlers transformed the small trading and transportation port into an industrial hub with numerous docks and factories. With industry came investment, entertainment, and fine architecture with a rich cutural history as a working class area where longshoremen and factory workers could raise a family in a tight-knit,..

Philadelphia Home Gets a Five-Star Basement Spa with Endless Pool

Imagine your basement… Like most of us, your basement is dark, cold, and vacant – an ordinary storage space full of old holiday decorations, unused fitness equipment, and broken down camping gear. But, what if that clutter was gone? What if your basement was bright, warm, and cozy?

Adding Comfort and Value to Sunrooms and Porches

“Our porch was structurally unsound and out-of-date. We wanted a space that was an extension of the house, another living room. Our goal was to make the porch a place we felt comfortable in.” This summer, one of our repeat clients dreamed of adding more space to accommodate her growing family. But, her West Philadelphia row house didn’t allow for much expansion. Like many of her neighbors, she purchased the home with a large front porch that had been converted into a closed-insun room. 

Award-Winning Facade Restoration in Philadelphia

Our Bay Window & Restoration project won an award from a local historical society! The neighborhoods that make up University City are Philadelphia’s oldest suburbs. Rural until the 1860’s, the “Street Car Suburb” expanded west from Center City with the introduction of electric trolley cars in the 1890s and soon became home to the city’s rich, who built elegant mansions across the Schuylkill River.  Many of the homes in Powelton Village, Cedar Park, and Woodland Terrace have maintained their hundred-year-old charms:  slate roofs, copper flashing, scalloped shingles, and gingerbread porches.

A Philadelphia Roof Deck Makeover With a View

Our client has enjoyed a view of the Center City skyline from the roof deck outside her third floor loft for a decade. Over the years, the client has asked us to make various structural and cosmetic repairs to the deck to extend its life with the hopes of one more dinner party set against that stunning backdrop. Unfortunately, the deck’s life is coming to an end.

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