Benefits of Using a Design-Build Firm

There are many options to take into account when planning a new home build, remodel, or renovation. In the Philadelphia area, we are seeing the design-build process start to gain popularity and slowly overtake the traditional design-bid-build method. While design-build and design-bid-build each present their own benefits, we believe homeowners are likely to achieve the best outcome when using a design-build firm... but why?

5 Reasons to Consider Custom Built-Ins for Your Philadelphia Row Home Remodel

Quaint and charming, Philadelphia rowhouses have plenty to recommend them. However, remodeling smaller homes such as these in order to enhance their function and versatility often means looking for the best solutions to maximize usable space.

Designing and Renovating Bedrooms with Children in Mind

Kids' rooms can be magical places and should be an exciting project for parents to take on! From inspiring decorating ideas to unique touches, the style you choose for your nursery, baby room, or even a cool teen room should be bold, courageous, and fun - but where to begin (if you need some ideas to get your brain juices flowing, we have some here!)??

5 Best Bathroom Tile Options for Showers and Floors in Philadelphia

When you are designing a bathroom remodel in Philadelphia, one of the most important choices our clients make is what type of flooring to install.

6 Remodeling Ideas for Home Office and Home Classroom Space

With students still engaged in distance learning and many professionals in Philadelphia continuing to work at least partially from home, there’s been a growing need among families to create a space tailored to these purposes.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Rooftop Deck in Philadelphia?

In our Philadelphia neighborhoods, outdoor space is at a premium. Many yards are too small or just too constrained by buildings or trees to enjoy the feeling of open space that city dwellers need to really enjoy the outdoors. You could always walk or drive to a park, but what you really want is a long-term solution that is part of your own home.

How to Remodel Your Philly Rowhome for a Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many different parts of life for families in Philadelphia, including the ever-important relationship to home.

Philadelphia Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2022

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, your top priority is to address any architectural and design elements that are causing discomfort or no longer suited to your current tastes.

Top Challenges Homeowners Face When Remodeling in Philadelphia

Any time you undertake a major project that involves multiple different players, you run the risk of potential challenges related to logistics and personnel. Home remodeling is no exception.

5 Things to Know Before Planning a House Addition in Philadelphia

The time has come to expand your home to accommodate your current lifestyle and what you envision for the coming years. However, before simply adding on a new bathroom, kitchen, or workspace, there are several important steps that can help set up your project for success.

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