6 Best Philadelphia Road Trips to Take This Spring 2021

Philadelphia is a vibrant metropolis, with plenty of interesting cultural and historical attractions, hip neighborhoods, and entertaining things to do within city limits.

5 Ideas for Increasing Your Philadelphia Rowhome’s Square Footage

The size of your family, as well as your overall dynamic, is unlikely to remain stagnant over the years, which means it only makes sense your home cannot stay the same either.

Historic Home Features to Keep During a Philadelphia Remodel

When remodeling a residential property, the mantra is usually, “Out with the old, in with the new.” However, when you are upgrading a Philadelphia historic home, you may want to take a bit more of a selective approach in order to preserve your home’s history and honor its architectural integrity.

Attic to Bedroom Conversion Ideas for Your Philly & Main Line Remodel

Attics. Those dark, hot spaces filled with cobwebs and dust that often get forgotten or neglected. Does that sound familiar?

Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Philly Rowhomes in 2021

Presenting a galley style kitchen as a design solution may seem boring at first, but when this tried and true layout is combined with a high sense of design style you can achieve engaging spaces that really work! Common in older homes, galley kitchens have always delivered a unique and efficient layout, especially when working with smaller spaces. Galley kitchen designs generally feature a narrow passage situated between two parallel walls. The challenge for designers is to develop stylistic solutions that keep a galley kitchen visually engaging as well as functional. The perfect remodel..

Comparing Rooftop Deck Material Options for Your Philadelphia Remodel

Rooftop decks provide peaceful outdoor spaces where family and friends can recharge and reconnect at the end of a long day. Decks also provide opportunities to host unique events like parties, barbecues and just soaking up the sun. Whether you are creating a new deck or upgrading your existing rooftop deck, learning what materials are best for a rooftop deck is an essential step in your design and budgeting process.

How Much is a Home Addition in Main Line Philadelphia?

Why should you consider an addition instead of just renovating? The answer is simple... Higher home value. An addition to your existing home will not only increase it's near term utility for you and your family, but you can also get a greater financial benefit by increasing the square footage during an expansion approach.

Bellweather Works Efficiently and Safely with A Matterport Camera

For 20 years, our team at Bellweather Design-Build has made our reputation by refining our systems and processes to work more efficiently and effectively. We know that a focus on constant improvement not only a benefits our team members, but also our clients' satisfaction.  This approach to system improvement is paying off, as the pandemic challenged us to look for new ways to ensure that our teams stayed connected with our clients and their homes. 

2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Consider for Your Philadelphia Remodeling Project

When it comes to designing a kitchen, cabinetry plays a major role. Your kitchen cabinets not only set the tone for your chosen aesthetic, but they are also integral to how the space functions.

Benefits of Using a Design-Build Firm

There are many options to take into account when planning a new home build, remodel, or renovation. In the Philadelphia area, we are seeing the design-build process start to gain popularity and slowly overtake the traditional design-bid-build method. While design-build and design-bid-build each present their own benefits, we believe homeowners are likely to achieve the best outcome when using a design-build firm... but why?

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