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In an urban area like Philadelphia, kitchen remodeling can be a challenge. There are many obstacles, from the quirky nature of our aging housing stock, to the complicated permitting process. Fortunately, homeowners can press the easy button for their renovation projects by working with a full-service remodeling firm like Bellweather Design-Build. 

Design Advice for Your Galley Kitchen Remodel

For many years galley-style kitchens have been found on ships and trains, Philadelphia row houses, and in any home with limited space where constrained square footage necessitated an ultra-efficient use of workspace. Typical galley kitchens feature parallel runs of cabinets with a central corridor between. In recent years, innovations in kitchen design have elevated the galley kitchen to new levels of elegance and functionality. If you have been searching for ways to improve your galley kitchen, read on for our expert advice on how to remodel your space for optimal functionality.

9 Ideas for Unused Basement Space [Plus a Pool!]

Almost anyone who has a basement could be using it more effectively. Whether your basement is unfinished or does not meet your needs anymore, now is a great time to put that extra space to use. The square footage of your basement may often be smaller than the rest of the house, but you might be surprised by how much you will enjoy it with the right design and renovation teams.

How Much Does a 2020 Home Addition Cost in Main Line & Philadelphia?

Why should you consider an addition instead of just renovating? More value. A tasteful renovation to your existing home will increase its value, but you can get a more substantial financial benefit from an expansion. Your home value is based on what your banker calls a rateable comparison (a “comp” in realtor lingo) which is relatively consistent within a particular neighborhood. The comp is a value per square foot and the more square feet you have, the more your home is worth. When you add square footage with an addition, a higher value is assessed by the appraiser and the more your bank..

Redesigning with Pocket Doors to Improve Flow (And When to Avoid Them)

We love to talk through pros and cons of pocket doors with clients because we often find that pocket door interest begins with an extreme. Some clients come to us with the idea of using pocket doors at every opportunity and others overlook the possibility entirely. More to the point, a floor plan redesign will work best if a design process is followed. When working in smaller spaces, as we often do in Philadelphia, an efficient layout and workspace planning is paramount. Thoughtful placement of pocket doors can be the perfect solution to a tight movement area or busy corridor (as above)..

What Will a Remodel Cost if I Hire a General Contractor vs. Design-Build firm?

There are so many questions homeowners want to ask when they are contemplating a remodeling project. It can feel like an overload even before you pick out your faucets. Often, we meet our clients when they are struggling with a decision between moving their family and changing their current home so that it works. “How do I find the right contractor?” is a common question that we can address here. A similar question comes from new home buyers who need to know whether they will be able to afford the necessary improvements in order to update a house they wish to purchase.

Creative Laundry Rooms On-Trend for 2020

One of our projects was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer article this weekend about laundry rooms. Stephanie Hoffmeier, our lead designer, offered her insights: “You can have fun in your laundry room,” Hoffmeier said. “If you have money left over to splurge [on your project], I say go for the ceramic tile floor with a crazy pattern, install a fun backsplash, and even have some fun with paint color… If it was more of an aesthetically pleasing space, I bet homeowners would feel more encouraged to do the laundry!” 

Philadelphia Hospitals Seek Help During PPE Shortage

A lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) threatens the safety of hospital and health care workers as the Covid-19 outbreak nears its peak later this month. Basic items such as gowns and masks have become scarce, especially the coveted N-95 respirator mask.

Local Construction Firms Deal with Fallout from Covid-19 Outbreak

Local construction businesses have been particularly hard hit by Governor Wolf’s “stay-at-home” order issued in response to the Covid-19 public health crisis. Pennsylvania is one of only a few states that has ordered a stop to all active construction (with a few exceptions). Will Giesey, owner of Bellweather Design-Build, who also serves as President of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for Chester and Delaware Counties, offered his insights on the shut down in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article. “It’s a balance of managing the risk of

Light-Filled Three-Story Addition & Remodel in Graduate Hospital

Whether to move or to remodel is a common conundrum for young families in Philadelphia. They’ve outgrown their home, yet they don’t want to leave the neighborhood they call home. Our clients loved where they live in the Graduate Hospital area, but the kitchen was small and outdated and lacked a connection to the rest of their 1st floor. They needed more bedroom space with two young children, and the first-floor powder room of their 1915 row-home was poorly laid out and needed updates.

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