Building Up: Should You Consider Adding a Third Story?

Building Up: Should You Consider Adding a Third Story?

It’s a well-known fact that family life changes over time as children age, working from home, or you assume care for an older parent. As a result, your space needs also shift in order to maintain a comfortable life.

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If you’ve found yourself yearning for more square footage in your home, to be used for specific  purpose rooms or multi-function flex-space, building up is a cost effective solution that enables you to preserve the core living spaces that you currently enjoy while adding the additional space you need so that you can continue living in the house you love in Philadelphia.

Benefits of an Upper Level Addition

Building up is just one of the ways to expand a residential structure, but it’s become increasingly popular. In some cases (especially in dense urban environments) it can be the best way to add livable space so you can remain where you are and avoid the ordeal and expense of moving.

While the primary goal of adding an upper level is to increase square footage in your home, there are a few specific perks to look forward to with this type of project. Some of the benefits of an upper level addition in Philadelphia include:

1. Supporting Multi-generational Living

Multi-generational living is on the rise across the country as more seniors opt for aging in place and older kids remain in their family home while going to college or establishing their career.

A second or third-story addition is a perfect way to create an in-law suite or just provide those extra bedrooms in your home. Being on a separate floor, those living areas tend to feel more private and secluded, which makes multi-generational living more pleasant for everyone in the household. An in-home apartment can also be used for limited periods of time by a live-in caretaker or family and friends who come to visit.

2. Maintaining Work-Life Balance

In 2020, COVID-19 necessitated the work-from-home model for many professionals, but some of the changes made to the business landscape are expected to endure even after the pandemic subsides. Regardless, it can be a significant advantage to have a comfortable home office, studio, or study arrangement with enough seating areas and adequate supplies and equipment to carry out professional and academic responsibilities.

This enables you and your family to work more efficiently when necessary, while still being close by to assist with their needs. Children always benefit from having quiet, designated spaces where they can study and work on school assignments.

3. Redesigning Your Whole Home

While a new, upper level may be the focus of your home improvement project, there’s no reason not to take a look at other potential upgrades in the process. Since you will be undergoing extensive work on your home, you can use this opportunity to explore options for changing your first-current exterior finishes, especially to help create congruence between the first, second, or third level. You can also develop design ideas to upgrade the interior and add new features like installing built-in cabinetry, a higher ceiling or a new staircase.

4. Maintaining Your Yard Space

If you’ve worked hard to cultivate your outdoor patio or garden spaces, it’s a shame to lose them in the process of expanding your house horizontally. You may want to preserve your limited backyard. Adding an upper level to your residence allows you to keep your yard, patio, and other exterior structures on your property intact. For many families, the option of building out is not feasible because of the size or structure of their property, which makes an upward expansion the only way to enhance their home.

5. Staying in Your Neighborhood

Once you’ve lived in a home or neighborhood for several years, you become comfortable in that environment. You’ve made friends with neighbors, established the route you take to and from work, and settled into a routine based on the parks, restaurants, shops, and other amenities in your area. Your children may be enrolled in the school district you prefer.

More importantly, over the years, you become attached to your home, and you accumulate tangible and intangible value in the memories you make and the time and money you invest to enhance various aspects of your residence. Rather than having to move away from the neighborhood and house you love, adding an upper level simply improves on the lifestyle you’ve currently established in those spaces.

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6. Capturing a Better View

Building up your home also gives you access to beautiful views of the city skyline or other appealing panoramas from the upper level. You can locate your windows to capture an especially scenic view or the best sunlight in the morning. Urban rooftop decks are also a popular way to create comfortable outdoor living space and connect you to your surroundings. As you’re designing your vertical home addition in Philadelphia, look into the option of adding a rooftop deck and enjoying even better views.

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7. Adding Value to Your Home

For the most part, expanding or remodeling your home is an effective way to increase not only its lifespan but also its value. If you plan to sell your home in the foreseeable future, having that extra square footage should get you a higher price. A few factors to consider, however, include the average market value of homes in your neighborhood and ensuring the upper level addition blends well into the existing structure. Your Philadelphia home addition team can help you identify structural and design features to maximize the estimated return on investment (ROI) for your project and augment your home’s overall curb appeal.

Expanding Your Home in Philadelphia

There are numerous benefits of adding a third story to your home, from maximizing the square footage of a small lot in the city to creating the space needed to improve life for various household members. Ensuring your project effectively captures those positive outcomes, however, depends on having the right team by your side.

There are important decisions to make during the design phase to ensure that construction proceeds smoothly and includes your priority options, which is why partnering with a design-build home addition company in Philadelphia is truly your best choice.

With Bellweather Design-Build, the key professionals you need for your project are working together from early concept through warranty and beyond to help you make the most of your upper level addition.

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